Godrej SeeThru CCTV KIT

Product Code: Godrej SEHCCTV0100 CCTV Camera KIT

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Godrej Seethru Quadra High Definition Surveillance CCTV KIT (Free Installation)

SeeThru Quadra HD Be it day or night, at home or away, you can ensure that your home and loved ones stay secure with SeeThru Quadra HD Home Surveillance System from Godrej. What’s more, you can view the video feed on your laptop via internet and even on your smart phone via a mobile application. So now you realise, keeping your family safe is as easy as installing a SeeThru Quadra HD Home Surveillance System!



Other Related Information:
Connect up to 4 CCTV cameras to record 720p HD quality video
24 hour recording andrecord-on-motion detection
Can connect up to 4 microphones
Mouse for on screen navigation
Day and night monitoring and recording
Capture rate of 25 frames per second for higher event capturing accuracy
Indoor dome and Outdoor bullet CCTV camera
1 TB storage - Store video for up to 30* days
Can connect to HDMI / VGA compatible monitors
Interactive monitoring of video feed over mobile app and internet
User friendly interface