Product Tag - Door Lock

  • CP-DRL-12MR-12ML

    Electric Rim Lock (L for Left & for Right Side Doors)

  • CP-DRL-12SSR

    CP DRL-12SSR/12SSL

  • CP-KDL-E13S-R/L

  • CP-KDL-M23S-R/L


  • CP-UNB-C22

  • CP-UNB-CM351/352

  • eSSL BL100

    The eSSL BL100 is door lock with access control features. The compact and elegant device comes has a biometric fingerprint scanner with a keypad in a 5 x 2 layout. It has a cast steel lock bolt making it secure for installation anywhere. The device can register 100 fingerprint templates and 100 passwords.

  • eSSL FL1000

    eSSL Intelligent Face Reader Smart Digital Door Lock – FL1000

    eSSL FL1000 is the world’s first smart lock with embedded face recognition technology. It uses European standard mortise with 5 latches, the deadbolt will be locked automatically once the door is closed. There are four separate ways to unlock – face detection, password, card & mechanical key.

  • eSSL LH1000

    The eSSL – LH1000 is a stainless steel door lock that uses the American Mortise Standard with 5 latches.

  • eSSL LH1800

    The intelligent hotel lock system offers standalone solution to meet hotel’s demand on security and management, which features 13.56MHz Mi-fare card technology and hotel management software. The style and color of lock fit any type of hotel. With the hotel management software, hotels can perform essential management tasks quickly and easily with minimal training.

  • eSSL LH2600

    The eSSL – LH2600 is a door lock system for hotels that comes with RFID lock & advanced 13.56 MHz Mifare – 1Card Technology. The door lock has the advanced technology that enables it to read & write cards to the guests & staff a smart lock with embedded fingerprint technology. The lock is stylish and has an appealing design which makes it perfect to blend with the interiors of any hotel. The door lock system also has a low voltage warning along with the standard illegal operation alarm.